Sam Burger has a Diploma in Health Science (Therapeutic Massage) and her aim is to bring a holistic, personalised approach, by combining Eastern & Western Techniques, individual treatment plans and all natural products for speedy recovery from injury and chronic pain management.


Sam's goal is to help your body be the best it can be. 

Massage Therapist


Lisa specialises in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy with mothers and babies. Lisa also offers:
Therapeutic Massage and Personal Training
Nutrition and Vibrational Medicine
5D Emotion-Biofeedback Scan
EmbodyBirth Pregnancy classes
Swiss trained,15 years experience

Contact Lisa on 022 082 0020 for more information.

Craniosacral Therapist


Aaran’s skillset involves natural therapies, Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine and a thorough understanding of the mind/body connections that create illness. Aaran has established a huge toolbox of skills to help you attain wellness, vitality and improve your quality of life so you can live the life you dream of living. Rather than just treating symptoms, Aaran treats the cause of your illness, has impressive results and provides you with a high quality service.



Martin's career to date has involved sports science and sports turf management, focussing on the preparation of high quality golf turf surfaces for 17 years.

His passion is to use this knowledge of plant physiology to establish an organic vegetable/herb paradise at his home which can be transferred to the kitchen table for friends and family.

His next adventure is to train in nutrition and herbal medicine through the South Pacific College of Natural Medicine.

Nutrition Consultant


09 407 7175 or 021 138 1127

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