Magnesium is essential for body and brain function. Excellent for your HEART, muscle pain, PMT, sleep and of course cramping, just to name a few.  A simply way to get Magnesium into your body is by using Magnesium Oil or Gel.

Transdermal or topical Magnesium absorbs through your skin then into your blood which will carry the mineral to parts of the body needed most.  Many people take magnesium supplements through the digestive tract and find they are not getting the results they are after.  Magnesium needs to get into your blood stream!


Rub onto skin after a shower when your skin is warm and the pours are open for easy absorption. Avoid sensitive areas and broken skin.  Apply everyday.

Bodhi Magnesium Gel is made here in New Zealand from ancient salts from the Dead Sea Lake, named such as the lake is so high in minerals nothing can live there.  Ancient people would go to the Dead Sea for curing their ailments.  It is still sought by people seeking long-lasting relief from incurable chronic conditions such as psoriasis, asthma and arthritis.


Transdermal Minerals absorb through the skin and directly into your blood stream – the blood carries the minerals to where it is needed most. Transdermal is a safe option, rather than taking minerals internally where research shows most of them end up down the toilet.

Bodhi Magnesium Gel 100ml

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