Are You In Safe Hands? Massage Awareness Week 2018


Massage Awareness Week 2018

October 21-27

“Are you in Safe Hands?”

Who do you go to for a massage? - A friend? The local Mall? A day spa? A clinic? Someone’s home? - It can be confusing as people providing massage are everywhere now. Clients may be at risk by the lack of awareness around how to choose a massage therapist.

Massage therapy is one of the top choices made by people wanting to relieve pain, treat injuries or improve their well-being. Scientific evidence supports the effectiveness of the many benefits of therapeutic massage. However, with more demand for massage, public awareness around how to find an effective, professional massage therapist is urgently needed.

With massage being completely unregulated in New Zealand we are keen to ensure that the public can trust their massage therapists and know what to do if they feel unhappy about any experience they have had.

We want you to know that there is an association for professional massage therapists. Massage New Zealand(MNZ). By choosing an MNZ registered therapist, via the Find a Therapist national database at, people can ensure treatment from a trained professional. .

MNZregistered members, as well as being qualified in the skills of massage therapy, have also undergone training in ethics and professional behaviour. Our Code of Ethics ensures informed consent is obtained, as well as providing clear boundaries on what is and is not acceptable. We also have a rigorous complaints procedure. Anyone found guilty of an offense, is barred from current and future membership. In practice, however, the complaints we receive are very rarely about therapists who are members of Massage New Zealand.”

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Massage New Zealand (MNZ)

Massage New Zealand (MNZ) is a professional association for qualified massage therapists to promote professional standards and massage within healthcare.