Vitality Magnesium Oils

Magic Magnesium

Each of our three Vitality Magnesium Oils are designed to be a 3 in 1 product!

First we have our unique Magnesium Oil – this is a transdermal oil that is applied externally. The reason we apply to the skin rather than taking powders, liquids or tablets is that after over 30 years of experience in the field of natural health and nutrition we have found quite simply is that it works!

Why? Because it by-passes digestion and gets taken up directly into the blood stream. Now, because it does go directly into the blood we have found that no matter what state of health the digestion is before we start using the Magnesium, once we build up the system with this amazing nutrient, everything starts improving.

Why doesn’t this happen with the oral type? Mainly because when we are low we don’t absorb all our nutrients. In fact it generally goes straight through!

What makes our Magnesium Oil different from any other on the market? We have created a way of making our oils more potent and a very unique in every way, with everyone's health & wellbeing in mind!

Next is our Essential Oils- these combinations of oils are put together to work in synergy together to help specific purposes. By applying them to the skin, like the magnesium, they get absorbed via the blood stream and the effects are like magic (it can be effective immediately).

In fact, we have found that the Magnesium Oil acts as an amazing conduit, it brings whatever we put with it into the body in a very speedy way. We have seen the effects on humans and animals they can be amazing!

Homeopathic/NZ Essences – we add these into our magnesium for the same reason we use the Magnesium Oil via the skin, quite simply they work! The combinations have come together after over 10 years of trailing and improving. These formulas work brilliantly together as the vibrational synergy is part of nature. The formulas cover many bases and as a broad spectrum formula at least one of the ingredients will help the body heal.